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Hello Rafael, I have been following you since the pandemic (YouTube channel) and you helped me a lot, thanks to that I was able to get my first internship in a fairly small startup in the seed stage (regardless of how that internship ended). I was just looking for some way to thank you for your work and I would like to know if you are thinking of creating an article about the knowledge that any professional or software engineer should have (regardless of whether they have graduated from university or not) and beyond what language to master, but rather in what paradigms to handle as a future Jr or Trainee developer, cloud, DS and Algorithms, etc...

PS: Thanks Tech Lead Spanish hahaha, greetings crack

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Thank you for your nice words, Gabo. I'm happy to know I helped you somehow :)

That could be a good topic to write about. I'll have it into account. Thank you, mate!

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